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Palma de Mallorca
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Chay Hodgson

Chay Hodgson

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Palma Yacht Crew Jobs - A Sea of Opportunities

Dive into our comprehensive list of yacht crew jobs in Palma, updated daily. From entry-level to captain positions, our job board is the spot for your dream role in the capital of the Balearics.

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Networking with fellow yacht crew is key. In Palma, a myriad of venues offer the perfect backdrop for professional mingling.

Yachtie Hangouts in Palma:

  • Tito's Palma: A legendary club where yachties can dance the night away after a long day's graft.

  • Varadero Bar: Offering a lively atmosphere, this bar is a well-known spot for crew to unwind.

  • Santa Catalina: This district is filled with cafes and bars where the yachting community often gathers.

  • The Boat House: Enjoy the scenic views and casual vibe, ideal for crew meetups.

  • Crew Houses in Palma: Another great way to network is staying in the local crew houses such as The Boat House Palma

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Published 2 March 2024