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Whether you are mid-charter or sitting on the beach in Antigua, we will send jobs that perfectly match what you are looking for directly to your inbox.

• The dream boat: your dream job is unlikely to just land on your lap. Whether you are looking for a better work/ life balance through rotation or a locally based yacht, a new build opportunity, or if you're looking for the next step up in your career, when the job comes along you need to know. The perfect gig could arrive next week or in six months' time, but with YachtCareerHub+ you will stay ahead of the curve.

• Be among the first to know: you receive jobs as soon as they go live on our website, making you one of the first to apply direct to the recruiter. This puts you in the frame early and gives you the best chance of success.

• See contact details: to apply quickly via email, see contact details and apply direct to the recruiter. This will save you time and can give you a better chance of receiving a reply and landing the job.

• Don't waste time scrolling job-sites: we list jobs from major crew agencies, so you don't need to check and filter through 20+ websites daily to find what you are looking for. Each alert contains a job link to apply directly with the agent, and contact details where possible.

• No spamming: how many emails have you received about irrelevant job posts? We only send your ideal jobs, so an email from us is worth opening.

• Job market trends: it's a good idea to keep an eye on the jobs market so you know what other yachts are offering crew in similar positions. This can be useful when renegotiating your package, or for peace of mind knowing you have a great deal already.

Saved jobs ❤️

Be efficient when applying for jobs by saving jobs that interest you. Click the heart icon and view your saved jobs from within the menu.

• View now apply later: if you see a job you like but don't have time to apply right away, save the position and come back to it later on.

• Track Applications: applying through multiple agents and for multiple positions can be overwhelming. Keep track of all the positions you have applied for by saving the jobs in a list.

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